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The Devastator Was Launched 19 April 1943, Placed out of commission 30 January 1947.

The U.S.S, DEVASTATOR, AM-318, was first commissioned on January 12, l944.  After training and shakedown the ship proceeded for the battle area. The DEVASTATOR first saw action at Iwo Jima, sweeping the waters there before “D” Day, The vessel took part in the minesweeping operation off Okinawa and served as a picket ship around the island. It was during this duty that one of three planes shot down by the DEVASTATOR nosed into the sea so close to the ship that the plane’ s motor bounced off the port bow, punching a jagged hole at the water line. Another tics a torpedo passed directly under the shallow-draft nine-sweeper.

By Directive dated December, 1946, the U.S.S, DEVASTATOR was decommissioned and attached to the Pacific Reserve Fleet.

U.S.S. Devastator at Iwo Jima

Mt. Suribachi In the Background


Don Pique & Jim Routh

Kenneth Kothman Kenneth Kothman Mattress Minesweeper USS Devastator Won Fame In 2 Campaigns XX

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