No Good Deed Goes Unpunished or We Come a Wassailing

ROK minesweepers were the bootleggers of the fleet. If you could make contact with the one of the minesweeper you could get booze. It may be in a well know brand but what was inside was not always the original contents. The Koreans were ingenious at making the bottles look as if it has not been tampered with.

For Christmas the plan was to anchor out of harms-way and the ship would be on "Holiday Routine." A day before Christmas some of the ROK minesweepers came along side for a meeting. That's all it took for an ample amount liquor to make it abroad for those inclined to celebrate in that manner, I was not. As soon as the anchor dropped on Christmas Eve the corks began to pop. About midnight the Christmas spirit was in a full roll. Five or six of the spirited ones decided to share their merriment with Captain Murphy by caroling under the captains cabin porthole.

Reveille sounded at the "Daily Routine" time and all who not on watch were called to muster. "Last night there was a ruckus outside of my cabin and the only reason that I did not respond was that we are at anchor and I did not want to put any one on report on Christmas. Holiday routine is canceled you will have Christmas meal for it is being prepared but that is all. Captain Murphy and officers join us for the mess Christmas.